Free E-cigs: When and where?

Free e-cigs are something that many companies are starting to offer their customers.  You are not getting free e-cigs without first making a purchase but non the less, you’re going to get free e-cigs.

E cigarette brands are offering buy on get one free type deals to customers during most major holidays.  These e-cigarette deals consist of the customer purchasing an Ecigarette Starter Kit of some sort and they’ll through in another battery or even a complete ecig starter kit, for free.  Usually, they offer these e cig deals to return customers in the form of a coupon code or promo code.  E-cig companies will send out an email containing a code, consisting of characters or a phrase, to enter at checkout.

Either way, electronic cigarette companies are interested in developing a relationship with their customer and keeping them an electronic cig customer of theirs for a long time.  The best way is to offer free e-cigs to them.

Where to get free e-cigs

Free e-cigs can only be obtained online.  No local retail is giving away an free e cigs.  There are no coupons available to redeem for a free e cigarette.

So what you do you have to do to get an e cig?  Its quit simple actually.  Go to this website and then fill out the form.  The form will ask you for your email address and a valid mailing address.  You will need to confirm your email address and then you will be asked for paying for the nominal fee of shipping the free e-cig starter kit to your home.

The starter kit is value at around $60.00.  Their website says its worth over $100.00 but its more around $60.00 cause it does not come with an extra battery and the carrying case is not rechargeable but it is still a decent kit to get you started.  Especially when it will only cost you around $7.00 for the shipping and handling fee.

So what is the catch?  The catch is that you only have a limited time to try it out.  If you don’t like it you need to tell them right away and return it.  Unless they will assume that you like it and you will be obligated to receive and pay for replacement nicotine cartridges as you run out of them.

One cartridge of nicotine will last you about as long as a pack of cigarette.  So with their starter kit you can five cartridges – which is the equivalent of 5 packs of cigarettes.  Unless you smoke a pack a day, you probably won’t have time to smoke it all before the trial period ends so decide whether you like it or not.

If you don’t then let them know before they start to ship you your replacement cartridges which you will need if you like it and are smoking their e cigs.

It is a great way for you to try out something that can cost up to one hundred dollars for next to anything.  They won’t ask you any questions if you don’t like it.  Just let them know and work out returning it to them.

They are willing to send them out to you because they have confidence in their product and believe that once you use it, you will get hooked and throw out real cigarettes and will want to use their stuff and to use it, you will need to buy new nicotine cartridges and that is how they make their money.

They make their money by you continue to smoke and buy the replacement cartridges from them.  So in the end it is a win win situation for both sides.

Here is their website if you want to get a free ecigs

E-Cig Starter Kits

E-Cig starter kits are dissected in this post. Learn what you can receive for free from some

Every electronic cigarette starter kit is different but they do generally have the same products.
For example, You may get a PCC otherwise known as a portable charging case.
You may also get some extra batteries,
several cartridges of several different flavors for you to try,
Multiple cords and ways to recharge your new electronic cigarette.
Some kits also come with car chargers.

The starter kits are a great way to get into the world of e cigarettes and vaping and a good price and if you keep your eyes open you may even find some free e-cig starter kits to get you going.